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«ENTHUSIAST» Rehearsal Base & Studio in Perovo - the district of Moscow-city in Russia - is the rehearsal point for correct rehearsals. The priority - to creative music bands, those who strive to embody the new through the power of notes, those who deserve to create an interesting music, those who were born to innovate, who have something to say, the future -> You!
4 P.M. - 12 P.M.

Possible to order a rehearsal from 2 hours' set or more - Call and order (better - at the beginning of the week)

Saturdays and Sundays:
11 A.M. - 12 P.M.

Before going to the rehearsal we ask you to call and confirm your desire to rehearse

11 A.M. - 12 P.M.

Be sure to call and confirm your desire to rehearse

around the clock

The option for a band rehearsal, constantly renting a specific time at the Base

Rehearsal schedule
Rehearsal base & studio ENTHUSIAST in Moscow, RUSSIA

Drum kit

Live drum kit lets you work with a soulful sound
Rehearsal studio ENTHUSIAST in Moscow, RUSSIA

Musical combos

The Guitar and Bass combos qualitatively reproduce sound of electric guitars with high quality
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What distinguishes
us from
rehearsal bases

We are always on Top. Now -> risen to the 4th floor.
Professionals with many years of experience work at the rehearsal base.
High-quality sound is always our priority.
Compressed walls, floor and ceiling material eliminates audio distortion for quality rehearsals.

The rehearsal studio is the place for rehearsing musical or other works of one’s own or someone else’s composition, the base for a convenient "refinement", mainly of musical compositions before performing at a concert or recording in a studio. Often the rehearsal base is also a recording studio, where you can, after rehearsing, record a piece of music on a digital or analog media. Rehearsal bases are distinguished by their rehearsal style and basic orientation: there are brutal metal rehearsal studios, hard rock bases, specially equipped for rehearsals of an orchestra or other musical groups. We present extreme rehearsal facilities for non-standard music bands and groups playing in well known styles.

We know a lot about competent Music!
And we wish you positive rehearsals!